Winter 2022 – from left to right: Ying, Fangchun, Ben, Ken, Jiri, Thomas, Caitlin, Andy, Alex, Arshad.



Benjamin G. Levine


Arshad Mehmood

Graduate Students


Andrew Durden


Fangchun Liang


Caitlin Hetherington


Kenneth Berard


Thomas Knoll

Ying You

Satoshi Ohtsuka

Undergraduate Students

Pen Chang Chang

Zain Zaidi

High School Students

Xin Qi Liu

Alumni (Last known whereabouts in parenthesis)


Alexander Teplukhin, 2021-2022 (Intel)

Michael Esch, 2020-2021

Dmitry Fedorov, 2017-2020 (Postdoc in Alexeev group at Argonne National Lab and at General Atomics)


Michael Esch, Ph.D. 2020

Dylan Hardwick, M.S. 2020 (Sparrow Health System)

Kathryn Humphries, M.S. 2020 (Ph.D. Student in Ojima group at Stony Brook University)

Wei-tao Peng, Ph.D. 2019 (Postdoc in Ong group at UCSD)

B. Scott Fales, Ph.D. 2017 (QC Ware)

Brandon Z. Child, M.S. 2017

Yinan Shu, Ph.D. 2016 (Postdoc in Truhlar group at U. Minnesota)

Garrett A. Meek, Ph.D. 2016 (Soaring Heights School)


Michael Rivera-Lazu, IACS REU student from University of Puerto Rico, Summer 2022 (U. Puerto Rico)

Kevin Torres, Chemistry REU student from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Summer 2021 (joining the Ph.D. program at NYU)

Trevor Lata, IACS REU student from Arizona State, Summer 2021 (Arizona State)

Gabriella Albanese, 2021

Andrew LaDuca, REU student from Grand Valley State U., Summer 2019 (Ph.D. student, Szymczak group, U. Michigan)

Adam Hartley, summer student from Erskine College 2018 (Ph.D. student, Liddick Group, MSU)

Derek Metcalf, 2018 (Ph.D. student, Sherrill Group, Georgia Tech.)

Tiffany Rivera, REU student from Cal. State Monterey Bay, summer 2017 (CSMB)

David Bianchi, 2016 (Ph.D. student, Schulten Group, U. Illinois)

Ben Thompson

Michael Esch, GVSU undergrad, summer 2014

Monica O’Brien, 2014 (Pfizer)

Nick Baker

Oskar Ubysz, 2014 (Med. Student, Jagiellonian University, Poland)

High School

Fardowsa Omar, Project SEED student, summer 2017 (MSU)

Old Pictures


Fall 2022 – The more senior portion of the group attended ACTC in Lake Tahoe.  Here we are on a sunset cruise following the TeraChem/FMS Developers meeting.  (Thanks, Todd!)  From left to right: Fangchun, Arshad, Ben, Caitlin, Andy.


Fall 2020 – Our first group pic “at” Stony Brook!  (…, that is.)  From left to right, top to bottom: Mike, Ben, Andy, Fangchun, and Caitlin.


Summer 2018 – from left to right: Mike, Ben, Andy, Adam, Fangchun, Wei-Tao, Dmitry


Summer 2017 – from left to right: Andy, Scott and daughter, Tiffany, Dylan, Ben, Mike, Derek, Wei-Tao, Dmitry


Spring, 2016 – front, from left to right:  Michael, Scott, Brandon, Wei-Tao; back, from left to right: Ben, Yinan, Garrett, David


Summer 2014 – Some sort of science team in Telluride, CO for ACTC.  From left to right: Ben, Scott, Yinan, and Garrett

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