Welcome, Andy!

Welcome to the newest group member: Andrew Durden.  Andy is a first year graduate student, joining us from Eastern Michigan University.  He spent last summer in our lab studying electronic excitations in metal clusters, and we’re very glad he decided to make it official.  Welcome, Andy!

Recombination Dynamics of Defective SiNCs in RSC Chem. Sci.

Check out Wei-Tao’s new paper in Chem. Sci.  It describes an ab initio molecular dynamics (AIMD) study of non-radiative recombination in silicon nanoparticles (up to 1.7 nm) with dangling bond defects on their surfaces.  These mark the first AIMD studies of semiconductor nanomaterials carried out using a multireference description of the electronic structure capable of accurately modeling the PES in the neighborhood of conical intersections involving the electronic ground state.

Also, congrats to Wei-Tao on his first first-author paper in the Levine group!

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