Formation of H3+ in a Strong Laser Field

Check out our most recent collaborative effort with the Dantus group, published in Scientific Reports.  This paper describes a combined experimental and theoretical study of the mechanisms of H3+ formation from methanol in a strong laser field.  Two different mechanisms were observed in AIMD simulations at the full-valence CAS level (carried out by Muath using Scott’s GPU-accelerated CAS code).

Also check out this awesome video on this work, created by Dantus-group undergraduate Patrick Pawlaczyk.

Welcome, Dmitry!

Welcome to Dmitry Fedorov, who joins our group as a postdoctoral researcher!  Dmitry earned his Ph.D. working with Sergey Varganov at University of Nevada, Reno, where he implemented ab initio multiple spawning dynamics with spin-orbit coupling.

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