Welcome, Andy!

Andy Durden, an incoming graduate student, will be spending the summer doing research in our lab.  Andy will investigate electronic excitations in metal clusters and nanoparticles.  Welcome to the group, Andy!

Welcome Dylan and Derek!

Welcome to first year graduate student Dylan Hardwick, who has just joined our group!

Also a belated welcome to undergraduate student Derek Metcalf, who has been working with us since the beginning of the semester on developing protocols to model the ligand donor ability in late transition metal compounds!



Welcome to Wei-Tao and Brandon!

The Levine group has two new members: Wei-Tao Peng and Brandon Child, who are both first year graduate students.  Brandon will be working on the ultrafast dynamics of excited transition metal complexes and automated molecular design.  Wei-Tao will work on non-radiative processes in semiconductors and electron dynamics in strong fields.  Welcome, Brandon and Wei-Tao!

Welcome Ben!

MSU undergraduate Ben Thompson has joined our group to study the optical properties of hexanuclear metal complexes for application in luminescent solar concentrators and LEDs.  Welcome Ben!

Welcome Anthony!

Anthony Seitz, a new MSU graduate student from just up the road at UM Flint, is joining our group for the summer.  He is on an Early Start Fellowship, and will spend the summer developing approximate methods for identifying conical intersections.  Welcome, Anthony!

Welcome Mike!

Mike Esch, who is an undergraduate at Grand Valley State, is joining our group for the summer.  He’ll be applying computational tools to design cyanine dyes with optimal properties for luminescent solar concentrators.  Welcome Mike!

Welcome Monica O’Brien

Welcome to Monica O’Brien, an undergraduate who will be working with us this summer.  Monica will be studying multiple excitations in models of semiconducting polymers.

Welcome Scott Fales

I’m very happy to welcome Bryan (Scott) Fales to our group!  Scott will be working on GPU acceleration of electronic structure simulations.

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