Welcome Arshad!

Arshad Mehmood is joining our group as a postdoctoral researchers. Arshard just completed his Ph.D. with Ben Janesko at Texas Christian, where he developed wave function analysis tools. Welcome, Arshad!

Welcome Caitlin!

We are very excited to welcome our first SBU grad student: Caitlin Hetherington! Caitlin joins us from Heriot-Watt University, where she earned her master’s degree in Chemistry with German. Welcome aboard, Caitlin!

Welcome Adam!

Welcome to Adam Hartley!  Adam is an undergraduate researcher visiting us from Erskine College.  Adam will be working on modeling Auger recombination processes.

Welcome, Fangchun!

Welcome to our newest group member: Fangchun Liang!  Fangchun is a first-year graduate student joining us from Peking University.

Glad to have you aboard, Fangchun!

Welcome, Andy!

Welcome to the newest group member: Andrew Durden.  Andy is a first year graduate student, joining us from Eastern Michigan University.  He spent last summer in our lab studying electronic excitations in metal clusters, and we’re very glad he decided to make it official.  Welcome, Andy!

Welcome, Dmitry!

Welcome to Dmitry Fedorov, who joins our group as a postdoctoral researcher!  Dmitry earned his Ph.D. working with Sergey Varganov at University of Nevada, Reno, where he implemented ab initio multiple spawning dynamics with spin-orbit coupling.

Welcome, Fardowsa!

Fardowsa Omar, a recently graduated high school student form East Lansing, MI, will be working with us this summer.  Fardowsa, who is part of Project SEED, will be investigating the relationship between structure and absorption spectrum in cyanine dyes.  Welcome Fardowsa!

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