Welcome, Frank!

Welcome to Xin Qi “Frank” Liu! Frank is a high school student from Bronx High School of Science, and will be working on a research project in collaboration with Fangchun.

New Paper on Floquet TDCI

Check out Andy’s new paper in JCTC! It describes a novel method for modeling electron dynamics in an electric field: Floquet time-dependent configuration interaction. We also demonstrate that it works well for modeling dynamics in ultrafast pulses, despite the fact that Floquet theory is only rigorously valid for a continuous-wave field.

New Paper on Hot Carrier Cooling

Check out Caitlin’s new paper in J. Phys. Chem. Lett.! In collaboration with the experimental groups of Warren Beck (Michigan St.) and Greg Van Patten (Middle Tennessee St.), we shed light on the complex ligand motions that lead to hot carrier cooling in CdSe quantum dots. This is our first foray into hot carrier cooling, and work continues to determines how the structure of the surface ligands determine the cooling rate. Nice work, Caitlin!

Welcome, Alex!

The Levine group is very pleased to welcome new postdoc Alex Teplukhin to the group. Alex earned his PhD at Marquette University working with Dmitri Babakov. He joins us after doing a postdoc at Los Alamos with Brian Kendrick. Welcome, Alex!

Welcome, Kenneth!

We are very excited to welcome Kenneth Berard, a Chemistry graduate student, to the group! Kenneth completed BS in Chemistry at University of Rhode Island (with minors in Physics and Math). Welcome aboard, Kenneth!

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