Congratulations, almost-Dr. Peng!

Congratulations to Wei-Tao for successfully defending his dissertation today!  Wei-Tao has done excellent work on several projects (silicon defect photophysics, cyanine photochemistry, and time-dependent electronic structure method development).  In a couple of months Wei-Tao will join the group of Jochen Blumberger at University College London as a postdoc.  We can’t wait to see the great things he will do there and beyond!


Farewell, Andrew!

Today was summer REU student Andrew LaDuca’s last day.  In a short 10 weeks, Andrew gained useful insights into the electrochemistry of an interesting class of organic molecules with hypothetical applications in water splitting and energy storage.  Best wishes for your senior year at Grand Valley and future career!

Nonradiative Recombination in Perovskites

Check out Mike’s new paper in JPCA!  In it, we analyze the low propensity for nonradiative recombination in lead halide perovskites by identifying and characterizing conical intersections in two models of the surface of CsPbBr3.  We only find conical intersections that are inaccessible upon excitation across the bulk band gap.  Analysis of the electronic structure around these intersections suggests that the ionic nature of the material contributes to the high energy of the intersections.

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