Welcome, Kenneth!

We are very excited to welcome Kenneth Berard, a Chemistry graduate student, to the group! Kenneth completed BS in Chemistry at University of Rhode Island (with minors in Physics and Math). Welcome aboard, Kenneth!

Congrats, Gabriella!

Congratulations, Gabriella Albanese, on completing her honors thesis work in our group and graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. Nice work, Gabriella!

JCP Perspective on CASCI

Check out the group’s new JCP Perspective article on complete active space configuration interaction (CASCI) methods. In it, we argue that CASCI offers many advantages over the more widely used CASSCF approach, and we present several insights into orbital selection. In addition, we argue that CASCI is not just suitable for studying nanomaterials, but that it is more suitable for describing electronic excitations in nanomaterials than in smaller molecular systems.

Welcome Arshad!

Arshad Mehmood is joining our group as a postdoctoral researchers. Arshard just completed his Ph.D. with Ben Janesko at Texas Christian, where he developed wave function analysis tools. Welcome, Arshad!

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