New Paper on Quantifying the Effect of Stokes Shift on Efficiency in TLSCs

Check out Wei-Tao’s new paper in Sci. Rep. in which we discuss the effect of Stokes shift on the efficiencies of translucent luminescence solar concentrators based on cyanine dyes.

Sadly, this work is dedicated to the memory of great friend and scientist Seth Olsen who passed away suddenly earlier this year.  Cyanine dyes were among our common interests, and I learned a lot about them from reading his papers and talking to him.  He is greatly missed.

Thanks to NSF for support!

We’ve enjoyed a very fruitful collaboration with the Dantus group–world-leading experts in laser pulse shaping–for a number of years now.  We are very grateful to the NSF for supporting our latest effort to develop strategies to control energy flow in large molecules in the condensed phase through a QLC-EAGER grant.  Thanks NSF!

Welcome Adam!

Welcome to Adam Hartley!  Adam is an undergraduate researcher visiting us from Erskine College.  Adam will be working on modeling Auger recombination processes.

Congratulations, Derek!

Congratulations to Derek Metcalf, who will graduate with his B.S. in Chemical Engineering this week!  Derek will be heading south to join the Chemistry Ph.D. program at Georgia Tech this summer.  Derek has done great work on a number of project, and we’re looking forward to seeing more great things from him.  Congratulations and good luck, Derek!

Thanks to DOE for support!

The Levine group is grateful to the Dept. of Energy Computational and Theoretical Chemistry program for funding our work to develop methods to accurately model electronic and electron-nuclear dynamics in nanomaterials!


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