CEM 384 – Homework

All homework problems are from the end of each chapter in Atkins and De Paula, unless stated otherwise.  Note that both “exercises” and “problems” may be included.

HW1, due 1/18 – Exercises 7A.1, 7A.4, 7A.5, 7A.7, 7B.2; Problems 7.1

HW2, due 1/25 – Exercises 7C.3, 7D.2, 7E.2; Problems 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.11, 7.15

HW3, due 2/1 – Exercises 8A.2, 8A.7, 8A.8, 8A.11, 8B.2; Problems 8.2, 8.7

HW4, due 2/15 – Exercises 8C.1, 8C.2, 8D.1; Problems 8.11

HW5, due 2/22 – Exercises 8D.4, 8D.8, 8D.10, 9A.1, 9A.4, 9A.5; instead of 8D.8, try this: Consider the following excited configuration of Ti2+: [Ar]3d14d1.  What is the lowest energy term for this configuration?

HW6, due 2/29 – Exercises 9B.2, 9B.6, 9C.2, 9D.3; Problems 9.7, 9.10; Additional problem: Draw the molecular orbital diagram for B2.  Is B2 paramagnetic or diamagnetic?

HW7, not collected, do to prepare for Exam 2 – Exercises 10A.1, 10A.3, 10B.1, 10B.4; Problems 10.1, 10.4, 10.7

HW8, due 3/22, Exercises 11A.1, 11A.3, 11A.7; Problem 11.1

HW9, due 3/29, Exercises 11B.7, 11B.12, 11B.15, 11B.16, 11C.4, 11C.5


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